Back to the Cyber Future

Back to the Cyber Future
Back to the Cyber Future
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Matt Heff
01 July 2017
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“Back To The Future” can best summarize the presentation from Matt Heff. He will begin his presentation by looking fondly upon a statement from one of CISSE’s founders, Bill Murray, “the problems haven't changed in the last 20+ years, we just give them new names.” So while we keep coming up with new names, new standards, new certs, new organizations, new cyber security software, and new lines of business – the threat landscape evolves at pace that is simply stunning. Heff (as he prefers to be called) will review the latest intelligence how these cyber criminals are getting more organized turning their work into a business model which is impacting the way we operate and educate staff. He will provide some unique industry perspectives on the (re)evolutions of cyber education, helping students become ‘combat ready’, experiential layer training, and building better academia and industry partnerships so we can go “Back to the Future.”

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