28th Colloquium

  • 22 Mar 2024
  • 9 May 2024
  • 3335

CISSE's next Writers Workshop is scheduled for April 25, 2024. This series is tailored for professionals and academics seeking to enhance their publication skills and amplify the impact of their research. This webinar is complimentary and will be hosted by CISSE's Editorial Committee.

Media - recorded April 25, 2024


Explore the contemporary toolkit for increasing the visibility of your work. Delve into managing individual opportunities with tools like h-index, ORCID, Google Scholar, and arXiv. Evaluate publication quality through metrics like Eigenfactor, writing for international conferences, Scopus, and Web of Science.

Learn to select the most suitable platform for your work, be it a conference, journal, book, or other publication outlet. Discover strategies for integrating research with collaboration, career advancement, and job opportunities. Most importantly, come prepared to share your questions and experiences.

Additionally, the Editorial Board of the Colloquium will be seeking suggestions to enhance the publication strategy of The Journal of The Colloquium in preparation for next year's edition.

The workshop covers

  • The contemporary toolkit for making others aware of your work.
  • Address consideration and management of individual opportunities with h-index, ORCID, Google Scholar, arXiv.
  • Analyze publication quality through eigen factor, writing for international conferences, Scopus, Web of Science.
  • Selecting the right conference, journal, book, or other placement for your work.
  • Integrate research with collaboration, advancement, and job opportunities.
  • Most important: bring your questions and experiences to share.

  1. General welcome / intro
  2. Details and logistics of the day
  3. Conversation management
    • No breakout rooms
    • Rely on Q&A and the hosts will forward questions as they come up, inviting participants to speak
    • Questions are welcome and encouraged at any time
  4. Take away from the meetings
    • Key resource notes from the workshop discussion will be shared with the participants
    • Suggestions for enhancing the publication strategy of The Journal of the Colloquium
  5. Individual Opportunities To Enhance Impact
  6. Analyzing Publication Opportunities
  7. Provide Feedback for enhancing the publication strategies of The Journal
    • Index and Abstract Registry Ideas
    • Aligning Templates for Distribution
    • Writer and Reviewer Guidelines
  8. Open Discussion and Sharing of Ideas and Opportunities
    • Any additional resources, strategies, and insights will be recorded and offered along with material covered in the first half of the workshop.