27th Colloquium

  • 11 Oct 2023
  • 6 Mar 2024
  • 3187

Abstracts and submitted slides for paper presentations at the 27th Colloquium are exhibited below. Article order is alphabetical and features works corresponding to CISSE and CCERP tracks. Additionally, this content is archived with submitted slides available for download.

Articles presented at the 27th Colloquium are available on CISSE's Open Journal. Please consider supporting the organization by purchasing the extended print edition, which includes the 2023 proceedings of the Cybersecurity Education, Research and Practice (CCERP) conference, and the 5th Annual PISCES workshop. A special thanks to authors, the program committee, and volunteers for your time and dedication.

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Addressing the Need for Interculturality in Cybersecurity Education

Stephanie Swartz, Deveeshree Nayak

An Analysis of Prerequisites for Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning-Assisted Malware Analysis Learning Modules

Portia Pusey, Mahmoud Abdelsalam, Maanak Gupta, Sudip Mittal

An Exploration of Factors Influencing Oversharing on Facebook Groups

Marc Dupuis, Breanna Powell, Margaret Lanphere, Manuel Duarte, Billy Hao

Assessing Common Software Vulnerabilities in Undergraduate Computer Science Assignments

Andrew Sanders, Gursimran Singh Walia, Andrew Allen

Assessing the Effectiveness and Security Implications of AI Code Generators

Maryam Taeb, Hongmei Chi, Shonda Bernadin

Creating a Practical Education in Space Cybersecurity Through Antenna Design and Implementation

Clark Duncan, Randall Joyce, Spencer Bugg, Jason Marquardt, Marcia Combs

Develop and Disseminate Hands-on Lab Materials of Privacy Concepts and Technologies to Educators

Na Li, Lin Li, Mengjun Xie, Bugrahan Yalvac

Evaluation of AI Models to Update Cybersecurity Curriculum 

Chizoba Ubah, Paige Zaleppa, Blair Taylor, Siddharth Kaza

Exploring Information Privacy Concerns During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Juxtaposition of Three Models

Dapeng Liu, Lemuria Carter, Jiesen Lin

Immersive Learning: Understanding the Psychology of Crime Using Virtual Reality

Denise Ferebee, Jerome Blakemore, Zina Parker, Marcus Kelly, Michael Zhou, Tyana White, Farheen Dahani, Jiya Webster

Impact of a Cybersecurity Work-Related Course on Students' Career Thoughts and Attitudes: A PISCES Course Evaluation

Marcia Combs, Randall Joyce, Cain Bynum

Leveraging Gamification and Game-based Learning in Cybersecurity Education: Engaging and Inspiring Non-Cyber Students

Lowri Williams, Eirini Anthi, Yulia Cherdantseva, Amir Javed

Quantum Computing: Computing of the Future Made Reality

Janelle Mathis

RFID Key Fobs in Vehicles: Unmasking Vulnerabilities & Strengthening Security

Devon Magda, Bryson R. Payne

The Design and Development of Hands-on Activities for Digital Forensics Education

Xinli Wang, Vijay Bhuse, Sara Sutton

The Impact of Individual Techno-characteristics on Information Privacy Concerns in the Diffusion of Mobile Contact Tracing

Jiesen Lin, Dapeng Liu, Lemuria Carter

Towards Assessing Cybersecurity Posture of Manufacturing Companies: Review and Recommendations

John Del Vecchio , Yair Levy, Ling Wang, Ajoy Kumar

Transforming Cyber Education thru Open to All Accessible Pathways

Sin Ming Loo, Elizabeth Khan, Eleanor Taylor, Char Sample

What Is Interesting and Relevant About Cybersecurity?: NLP Analysis of a Survey of CS Students

Cheryl Resch, Jinnie Shin, Christina Gardner-McCune