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February 2022 - The Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education announces the release of the Winter 2022 issue of our Journal publication. This volume highlights 22 academic papers presented at the 25th Colloquium Online (October 2021) that foster significant advances in the body of knowledge, particularly in teaching emerging topics of quantum computing, visualization of data, and cyber warfare. A special thanks to paper authors, reviewers, and editors for their time and dedication.


Volume 9, Issue 1

The Journal of the 25th Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education (CISSE) marks a quarter century of contribution of leaders in cybersecurity education from the education, government, and industry. This paper embodies contributions of authors from around the world, as we collaborate to enhance the cyber resilience of society. Papers this year were aligned around the Conference theme Challenges in Teaching Cybersecurity: Ethics, Legal Issues, Adversarial Behavior, Risk Management, Pedagogy, and Governance. Papers were presented at the conference clustered into interest areas of K12, Education Theory, Interactive Engagement, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Industry Analysis & Theory, Teaching Tools for Cybersecurity, and Cybersecurity Laboratory Innovation. In addition several papers analyzing specific cybersecurity courses included subjects like Cyber Warfare, Security Operations Centers, and Applied Cryptography.


  • A Roadmap to overcoming the Challenges of Cyber Security and Forensics Education in the age of distance learning and the COVID-19 pandemic
  • A Study of Video Conferencing Software Risks and Mitigation Strategies
  • A Vertically Integrated Pathway for Infusing Engineering Technicians with Industrial Cybersecurity Competencies
  • Bridging the disconnect within Cybersecurity Workforce Supply Chain
  • Cyber as a Second Language? A Challenge to Cybersecurity Education
  • Cybersecurity Education: A Mandate to Update
  • Cybersecurity Laboratory Education Research: A Lush Ecosystem or Elephant Graveyard?
  • Design Hands-on Lab Exercises for Cyber-physical Systems Security Education
  • DISSAV: A Dynamic, Interactive Stack-Smashing Attack Visualization Tool
  • Galore: A Platform for Experiential Learning
  • Guided Inquiry Collaborative Learning (GICL) for Online Teaching in Cybersecurity: Challenges and Recommendations
  • Hands-on Educational Labs for Cyber Defense Competition Training
  • Healthcare in the Balance: A Consequence of Cybersecurity
  • High School Cybersecurity? Challenge Accepted – Radford University’s RUSecure CTF Contest for High School Students
  • Intelligent Interaction Honeypots for Threat Hunting within the Internet of Things
  • Introducing Penetration Test with Case Study and Course Project in Cybersecurity Education
  • Knowledge Gaps in Curricular Guidance for ICS Security
  • Leveraging Browser-Based Virtual Machines to Teach Operating System Fundamentals
  • LUCID Network Monitoring and Visualization Application
  • On Teaching Malware Analysis on Latest Windows
  • Providing A Hands-on Advanced Persistent Threat Learning Experience Through Ethical Hacking Labs
  • Using Complexity Theory to Identify K-12+ Pedagogical Misalignment With a Security Mindset

Available for purchase on Amazon. Past issues are available on CISSE's Open Journal repository.