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  • 3 Aug 2020
  • 21 Nov 2022
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August 2020 - The Colloquium for Information Systems Security announces the release of the Summer 2020 issue of our Journal publication.


Volume 7, Issue 1

The carefully selected articles in this issue discuss ways to more effectively improve the quality of cybersecurity education which is, ultimately, a major line of defense for our nation’s networks. It is the goal of The Colloquium to offer academics and researchers this forum for a wide-ranging dialogue on how best to close the cybersecurity talent gap. Sharing research on how to best produce the next generation of cyber defenders, constitutes a critical step in overcoming existing blind spots in our thinking and ensuring that cybersecurity education will continue to evolve as a robust discipline.

Thank you to the colleagues who served as reviewers for this issue: Marc Dupuis, Joe and Pat Tamburelli and the team they recruited. I offer a salute to our outgoing Editorial Board, Marc Dupuis, Johnathan Yerby and William Hugh Murray. Thank you to the incoming editorial board, Dan Likarish, and Denise Kinsey, and Erik Moore who saw the papers through press. With a special thanks to Andrew Belón who provided invaluable support as our Design and Production Editor. Thank you to Vic Maconachy and the Board for your thoughtful and generous guidance and support.


  • Are Cybersecurity Professionals Satisfied with Recent Cybersecurity Graduates?
  • A Laboratory for Hands-on Cyber Threat Hunting Education
  • Improving the Pipeline
  • Development of Cybersecurity Lab Exercises for Mobile Health
  • Introducing Secure Design by Scripting in an Undergraduate Microcontroller Based Design Course
  • Problem-based Learning for Cybersecurity Education
  • Teaching SDN Security Using Hands-on Labs in CloudLab
  • Serverless Computing Architecture Security and Quality Analysis for Back-end Development
  • Synergy of Accreditations and CAE Designation
  • A Study on Cyber Attacks and Vulnerabilities in Mobile Payment Applications
  • A Study on Vulnerabilities and Threats to Wearable Devices
  • STEAM Powered K-12 Cybersecurity Education
  • A Model for Security Evaluation of Digital Libraries: A Case Study on a Cybersecurity Curriculum Library
  • Educating the Masses: Cybersecurity for Everyone
  • A Study on Vulnerabilities and Threats to SCADA Devices
  • Using the NICE Framework as a Metric to Analyze Student Competencies

Available for purchase on Amazon. Past issues are available on CISSE's Open Journal repository.