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  • 8 Nov 2016
  • 8 Nov 2016
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The NICE Program Office is pleased to announce that the NIST Special Publication 800-181: The NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, is open for public comment! Provide your comments by visiting

Last week at the NICE Conference and Expo in Kansas City, MO , it was announced that the draft NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF), is now open for feedback. The NCWF was designed to serve several key groups, including employers, current cybersecurity staff, students and workers considering a career in the field, educators and workforce trainers, and technology providers. It provides a common language to categorize and describe cybersecurity work to help organizations build a strong staff to protect their systems and data. Read the full press release here.

Additionally, NICE is pleased to announce that the Cybersecurity Jobs Heat Map: CyberSeek is now live! View it at

CyberSeek, an interactive resource for cybersecurity career information, was also unveiled at the NICE conference on November 1, 2016. Through a partnership between NICE, CompTIA, and Burning Glass, CyberSeek was developed to provide a visual representation of cybersecurity supply and demand across the nation. CyberSeek also features a Career Pathways tool which provides information on different types of positions to help students, job seekers, and workforce trainers visualize career advancement in cybersecurity. The Map and Career Pathway tools both incorporate the job categories, specialty areas, and knowledge, skills, and abilities from the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. Read the full press release here.