Award Recipients

Will Longman

2022 Industry Leadership of the Year

Will Longman is the Chief Information Security Officer at Blue Origin. Will has over 20 years of experience in successfully empowering organizations through strategic leadership and tactical excellence in security governance, risk management, and compliance programs.

Mr. Longman, a Navy veteran, worked as a high school vocational education teacher for four years before entering the industry cybersecurity sector. Upon hearing about Cybersecurity Highschool Innovations (CHI) volunteered, and with his team of cybersecurity professionals, developed a ten lesson high school curriculum for teachers using Phishing as the thread to support the NSA sponsored Cybersecurity High School Innovation Grant (H98230-21-1-0160).

Will and his seven member team collaborated with the grant's curriculum project leads to write complete lesson plans, exercises, powerpoint presentations, videos and every element to augment high school teachers' cybersecurity curriculum. Will oversaw the project to ensure a holistic and integrated approach would engage high school students in the cybersecurity field. His pedagogy and material development is of the highest quality and combines his military and industry experience, his industry knowledge, and his passion for increasing access to cybersecurity knowledge to students nationally.

The curriculum content developed by Will and his team is scheduled to be uploaded to CLARK and made available to educators nationally.

Furthermore, Will and his team volunteered their time on a Sunday in July 2022, to provide 40 high school educators and academics a tour of the Blue Origin facility and share the vision of technology and security to teachers from seven western states. Will ensured educators learned about the Club to the Future and career opportunities for their students.

Will continued his service by providing an Invited Talk to City University of Seattle students enrolled in the School of Technology, offering to mentor any student who reached out to him. True to his word, he has responded to every student to help bridge their understanding of cybersecurity and industry career opportunities.