Award Recipients

Rosey Greer

2017 Government Leadership of the Year

There are only a “handful” of active cyber professionals who have been there since the beginning - Ms.Rosey Greer, a retired federal Information Assurance professional and now Cyber Security Consultant, is just one of those individuals. She has attended nearly every CISSE from the beginning but more than that, she has served her country by developing national / federal / defense and IC policies, standards, training, military and civilian billets, legislation, and more importantly to this community, she helped create both of the two federal cybersecurity scholarships – the DoD Information Assurance Scholarship and the NSF Scholarship for Service. She served on the OPM HR panel that helped the policy and legislation to generate these programs. One key element was to ensure that students had a billet to step into upon graduation. Without this element, it is most likely that this program may have not been successful in hiring the students with these critical skills.

She helped craft and write the original CNSS standards that were foundational to many of the current cybersecurity curriculums today that serve as the pipeline for these SFS students, and she continues to be engaged with this program by reviewing new and renewal CAE applications for the NIETP. She was there to help connect the Cyber Operations program with the CAE for a seamless government process, and she was there at the beginning of Information Warfare/Information Operations within the realm of military operations.

Rosey was involved with the launch of CyberWATCH, attending their Kick-Off Launch, and later she served as the lead for the National Visiting Committee (NVC) to help ensure that CYBERWATCH evolved into a National Center. She was successful, along with many others who served in providing the just-in-time guidance of the NVC which helped enhance their program, enhanced their Collegiate-level competitions, largely by requesting military grade red/blue team assistance, and she was there to plant the seed for monetary stabilization for sponsorships during competitions and the formulation of the National Cyber League.

Ms. Greer continues to serve our Cybersecurity / Cyber Defense community and our nation as a Subject Matter Expert. As a community we have relied on her leadership, her vision and her creativity in addressing some of our nation’s hard problems to address the needs and skillsets of not only trained cybersecurity professionals but to also increase the awareness of citizens and students alike across our nation. She continues to be sought out by her peers and former colleagues and is often “by-name requested” when difficult challenges present themselves. Rosey is a retired Federal Information Assurance professional, serving as the lead Information Assurance (IA) Program Manager for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). She worked in several DoD positions prior to this assignment, most notably for the Naval Security Group, COMNAVSECGRU, as the Senior Program Manager for their worldwide facilities. She is a graduate of the National Defense University’s Chief Information Officer and Information Systems Security Certificate Programs, and holds several Information Assurance industry certifications. During her career, Rosey was active in updating regional, organizational, military service components, along with Department level/Agency level DoD, IC and federal policies that dealt with the policy and implementation strategies of Information Assurance, Information Warfare, Information Operations and associated activities inclusive of IA/Cybersecurity occupational specialties and training programs affiliated with these critical positions.

Ms. Greer currently conducts evaluations for the NSA/DHS NSA National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance / Cyber Defense program, reviewing institutional submissions for curriculum mapping to the new IA/CD academic requirements (Knowledge Units - KUs).