Award Recipients

Scott Buck

2016 Business Leadership of the Year

Scott Buck is a University Program Director at Intel Corporation within the University Collaboration Office, managing Cyber Security/Privacy Initiatives and Emerging Technology Programs, globally. He is responsible for initiating and leading programs that promote mutually beneficial collaborations between the academic community, government agencies and Intel Corporation. These initiatives include identifying innovative approaches in research and education that foster the development of knowledge.

Prior to this role, Mr. Buck was a member of Intel’s Technology Manufacturing Group. During this time at Intel he held both technical and management positions in areas of chip fabrication, semiconductor yield analysis, and emerging semiconductor equipment development. After 9 years, he moved to Intel Labs to play a key role in redefining Intel’s University Programs engagement strategy.

Of late, Mr. Buck is involved with several government initiatives in the US, Europe and Asia on expanding cybersecurity education though government partnerships, industry associations and university advisory boards. One of these initiative is Chairing the Industry Advisory Board for ACM Joint Task Force on Cybersecurity Education. The goal of this program is to develop cybersecurity learning outcomes in support of curriculum guidelines for an undergraduate 'Cybersecurity' program. Mr. Buck holds a Masters in Business and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, and a member of the Association for Computing Machinery Education Council.