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Cybersecurty Faculty - Portland Community College

Portland Community College (Portland, OR) invites applications for an open position in the Computer Information Systems department with specialization in Cybersecurity to start Fall 2018. The best-consideration date is Dec 8.

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Portland Community College is looking for a Cyber Security / Computer Information Systems Instructor at the Sylvania Campus. This position will start Fall term 2018 and is eligible for Continuous Appointment upon third year review.

Preparing PCC's students for the cutting edge of security technology, this Instructor will directly impact the development of our Cyber Security program through curriculum development, course instruction, and partnerships with local industry for internships and advisory boards. The position represents an outstanding opportunity to bring your expertise to lead and grow this vital academic program. The work will draw on your ability to connect PCC with the latest advances in security technology and to adapt and thrive in an amorphous environment.

At the core of PCC's mission is equitable student success. PCC serves nearly 80,000 students from all walks of life in the Portland area. We are committed to a culture which values human diversity and cultural competency for our students, our employees, and our partners.

If this sounds like a learning community that you would like to be a part of, and an important role that you would like to play at PCC, please review the minimum and preferred qualifications listed below, and apply today! Please be sure to describe how you meet each of the qualifications so that we can get to know you and what you can bring to Portland Community College.


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