Information Assurance Capacity Building: A Case Study

Naomi Falby, J. D. Fulp, Paul C. Clark, R. Scott Cote, Cynthia E. Irvine, George W. Dinolt, Timothy E. Levin, Matthew Rose, Deborah Shifflett
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01 July 2004
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Despite an urgent need to protect information in computer systems critical to business and government, the inadequacy of many security products combined with overmarketing and overstated claims leaves information managers with nowhere to turn. Cyber security education is needed to provide a population of individuals who can make sound choices for the operation and acquisition of information protection. A prerequisite is an adequate population of educators. We describe workshops intended to help educators new to the area of Information Assurance. The multiple objectives are: to identify key foundational topics to educators, to teach lessons learned regarding topics difficult to convey to students, and to create a sense of community among Information Assurance educators.

Information Assurance Capacity Building: A Case Study
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