Infrastructure Assurance: The New “I” in Information Assurance Education

Aaron J. Ferguson, Ph.D.
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01 July 2004
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The blackout during the summer of 2003 proved that our critical infrastructures, e.g., power grid, are vulnerable! According to experts in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the likelihood of a blended attack---physical and cyber—on our nation is relatively high. This paper makes the case for educators and curriculum developers to broaden current Information Assurance –focused curriculum, concepts and pedagogies to include” Infrastructure Assurance.” This paper will do this by: (1) describing and discussing the notion of convergence theory--the next attack will be a blended attack of physical and cyber dimensions; (2) identifying the components that comprise the U.S Critical Infrastructure;(3) discussing the notion of “Infrastructure Assurance” and its role in current Information Assurance curriculum; and (4) using a regional water supply system scenario, provide a framework for developing a Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) strategy framework and pedagogically integrating Infrastructure Assurance into existing Information Assurance curriculum.

Infrastructure Assurance: The New “I” in Information Assurance Education
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