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Call for Volunteers - 2018 On-Site Regional SECCDC event

This is the first official call for volunteers for the 2018 On-Site Regional SECCDC event.

If you are a working (or retired!) IT or InfoSec professional and would like to assist with the conduct of the competition, please visit our web site and select the sessions you are available for.

While we appreciate those who volunteer for one session, priority will be given to those who volunteer for multiple sessions. Meals and a souvenir shirt will be provided. There will be a required training module all selected volunteers must complete before being allowed to serve as room judges.

If you are interested in volunteering for a role other than room judge, please email us at Selected volunteers will be notified in March.

Signup for SECCDC18-Judges:

As always, we are seeking sponsors for the event. Select sponsors receive copies of the resumes of the almost 100 students competing in the event. For more information email us.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

- Mike Whitman