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Call for Papers - Software Quality Professional (SQP)

Software Quality Professional (SQP) seeks short (600-2000 word) and full length (2000-6000 word) articles from new and experienced authors on the intersection of cybersecurity and quality or other topics that relate to software, systems, and quality improvement.

Formally, quality is the totality of characteristics of an entity that bears on its ability to satisfy stated and implied needs. (ISO 9001:2015, p. 3.1.5)

Do you use technology to improve the performance of people, workgroups, processes, or systems? Do you have experience reports, lessons learned, or empirical studies that would be broadly applicable to people who work with software and systems? Can you help others effectively apply standards or frameworks for information security? If so, we'd like to hear from you.

If you're a new author or a student, we've implemented a unique, hands-on review model that will help you learn how to publish your work and get you comfortable with the process.

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