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Edition 2, Issue 1 - Proceeding of the 18th Colloquium for Information System Security Education

Educational Papers selected by double blind review that were presented at the 18th Annual Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education.


What you will find in this issue are ten carefully selected papers that discuss aspects of how to better integrate cybersecurity learning into the classroom. The articles here represent many avenues of thought. It is our considered opinion that this sort of wide-ranging dialogue comprises the first step in achieving excellence in cybersecurity education. And it further reinforces the importance of cybersecurity teaching in the overall efforts to ensure a stronger and safer America.


  • A Perceptual Taxonomy of Contextual Cues for Cyber Trust
  • Analysis of Management VS. Technical Personnel Perceptions of the Effectiveness of DodD 8570M Mandated IA Certification Training
  • Are Cybersecurity Laboratory Exercises Constructivist in Use?
  • Cyber Security Training: ANN as an Evaluator and Informant
  • "Cyber Threats to the Supply Chain: How Cyber Intelligence Informs Best Practices for Operational Security"
  • Cybersecurity Education: The Emergence of an Accredited Academic Discipline?
  • CySGS: Cyberlearning Environment about Smart Grid Security
  • Factors of Success - The Potential Relationship Between CLI Commands and Cybersecurity Competitions
  • Review on Building Security in a Secure Software Development Model
  • Strategic Communications Planning for a CISO: Strength in Weak Ties