In June of every year, the electors of the Colloquium elect three directors, each to serve for three years. We seek colleagues that have a history with the Colloquium, are committed to its continuing success, are skilled in governance, have the time to match their interest, and are fun to work with.

The Colloquium is volunteer led and governed. Directors do not receive any compensation. Board members are expected to attend two regular meetings per year, one immediately following the Conference in June and one in November. Venues are chosen to minimize travel expenses. Depending upon timing and venue, some funds may be available to defray any otherwise uncompensated expenses associated with the November meeting. The Board may also have one or more electronic meetings per year.

In meetings, we hear reports of officers and committees and act on proposals submitted in advance. However, most of our work is done in committees between meetings. Directors are expected to serve on one more committees. Committees collaborate electronically (telephone, e-mail, shared cloud storage, etc.) Directors can expect to spend several hours per month on Colloquium business. This will include preparing for meetings by reviewing the contents of the meeting folder (call of the meeting, agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, reports, proposals) and publishing their reports and proposals in advance.

With the assistance of the officers and an audit committee, Directors are expected to conserve the assets of the Colloquium and plan, authorize, and review expenditures. While they are ethically responsible to the constituents or members, Directors are protected from financial liability by customary Officers and Directors Insurance. Directors may be authorized from time to time to speak for or otherwise represent the Colloquium, but they are expected to preserve the confidentiality of the Board necessary to its deliberations. Directors are expected to avoid any potential conflicts of interest and may be asked to sign an agreement that clarifies this.

In support of their candidacy, candidates will be introduced at the Sunday night reception and a plenary session of the Conference. They will receive a "candidate" ribbon for their badge. The Committee will include candidates, their photos, and their candidate statement on the website, the conference app, the electronic ballot, and a display poster. For these last we will need a publicity photo and a candidate statement that identifies them and their affiliations, describes their relation to the Colloquium (e.g. years attended, presentations, papers committees, working groups) and any other support for their candidacy. Candidates may solicit votes at the conference in any other manner that comports with good taste manners, and comfort.

Those qualified and interested in serving should contact the Election Committee at or download and submit the Nomination form by no later than May 15, 2017.

The nomination form is due by May 15, 2017