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The C3® Conference is a high quality professional development event for educators in Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region. The core mission of the C3® Conference is to inform the educational community about the ethical, legal, safety, and security implications of technology use and illustrate how educators and parents can apply these concepts to their own setting.

October 4th to 5th at the University of Maryland, College Park

This year we are excited to partner with the Maryland State Department of Education to offer a full day of content related to promising practices for the prevention of bullying and harassment, including online behaviors. Combining the 3nd Annual Maryland Conference on the Prevention of Bullying and Harassment with the C3 Conference provides a unique opportunity for more educators to attend both events at a single location.

Participants will hear from state and local educators, law enforcement, internet safety/security curriculum providers, researchers, and policy makers on a broad range topics to include: current and pending legislation, educational initiatives available, the latest "hot topics" to include cyberbullying, identity theft and sexting, internet safety provider updates, online reputation management, wireless and social networking security, newly released online interactive simulations and games that promote responsible online behavior, research based promising practices for the prevention of bullying and harassment, C3 framework and matrix, and much more. Digital Media Literacy encompasses Cyberethics, safety and security. Come learn how to guide students in using technology and digital media in a safe and responsible way.

The top 10 Reason to attent or send your staf to the 11th Annual C3 Conference (Cyberethics, Cybersafety and Cybersecurity):

  1. Thought-provoking  keynotes connecting Public Health, Integrity and Technology Use.
  2. A chance to hear firsthand from students - their thoughts on the use of technology and how they would like to be informed and what's of most concern to their age group.
  3. A chance to meet with a broad range of cyberethics, safety, and security curriculum providers who are available to answer questions and provide demos.
  4. Practical hands-on sessions with multiple perspectives on topics ranging from social networking,file sharing, copyright, cyberbullying, identity theft, and best security practices.
  5. Participatory sessions that allow you to drill down further on topics such as: Understanding the latest internet safety topics and concerns, C3 grant submission, hot safety topics including sexting, cyberbullying, identity theft, malicious code pop-ups, to the hands-on practical security need to know and how-to's.
  6. A chance to see first hand new cutting edge interactive games/environments that promote responsible behavior.
  7. A chance to learn about the many FREE state-of-the-art online and hard copy resources.
  8. Two content packed days devoted specifically to providing educators, parents and law enforcement with best practices resources and strategies for promoting proper behavior in the areas of cyberethics, safety and security.
  9. A plethora of resources, goodies, and end-of-the-day prizes.
  10. Priceless networking opportunities with some of the most knowledgeable educators, internet safety curriculum developers, and researchers and policy makers in the world of cyberawareness.

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University of Maryland, College Park
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